Author Jaclyn Reding       Jaclyn Reding is the award-winning author of numerous historical and contemporary romances, including the RITA award nominee, The Secret Gift. Since first publishing in 1993, Jaclyn has seen her stories translated into nearly a dozen languages around the world.
      Jaclyn believes there is no better career than that of a writer. "Accountants," one of which she is married to, she says, "don't get paid to daydream, can't go to work in their pajamas, and certainly aren't allowed to write off their 15th rental of a Jane Austen video on their tax returns."
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Jaclyn Reding & Connie Flynn Autographing
Jaclyn and author Connie Flynn at an appearance
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From a recent interview with Jaclyn's Italian reader friends...

Where do you find inspiration to write your books?
It is dependent really upon each story. One story I wrote was inspired by a song I heard on the radio. Others have been inspired by events in history or by a particular character in history. The one I am writing now is inspired by two things; by certain things I have experienced myself and by my love of Italy, which is now my second home.

Do you recognize yourself in one (or more) heroines of your stories?
Usually there are small characteristics of myself that come through in each of my heroines. It is difficult to truly write someone without being able to connect with them. However, the character I am writing now is probably most connected to me.

Do you prefer to write historical or contemporary romances?
I love both types of writing for different reasons. I love history very much so it is natural for me to write in different times and places. I am fascinated by how people lived centuries ago and how history has created the world we live in today. I also enjoy writing stories that could very easily take place in today's world where my character (and I hope my reader) can imagine and perhaps visit and even live in the world I created in the story.

About your romance stories, have you ever taken inspiration from real circumstances?
Certainly. So many fascinating things have occurred in history that it is impossible for me not to be inspired by them. Also, in my own life or even the lives of people I know, things have happened (tragedies, difficulties, triumphs) that inspire me to write a story of overcoming and celebrating these things.

When you write a book, when do you decide the title?
It is usually at least halfway through the book before a title might begin to come to me. In the beginning, the story and the characters are too new. I need a deeper connection to the story before I can title it.

Have you ever written or have you ever thought to write something different than romance?
Yes. I am a big fan of mysteries and also I travel often and enjoy reading travelogues (non-fiction), I would be interested in writing both genres.

Which is the best moment during the day to write?
For me, best is at night. I have children and so mornings are busy with their lives. They are in school during the day and I work then but there is the phone and other daily interruptions. I like the quiet of night time and also find it is a less distracting time (without phone calls, errands, etc.)

Which male or female characters of your books do you prefer?
Oh, I like them all but some are a little closer to me than others, I must admit. I wrote a contemporary novel called THE SECOND CHANCE (in English) and the heroine, Flora, is particularly close to my heart. And from my book, STEALING HEAVEN (in English)/L'OSPITE MISTERIOSA (in Italian) I could not help but fall in love with Dante, the hero.

Given the current tendency of some writers to write paranormal novels, (vampires, werewolves) do you like to think you would do the same?
I did write one contemporary story (SPELLSTRUCK - English) that was about a modern day single mother who is also a witch. I set the story here in my U.S. home of New England. It was very enjoyable to write this type of book because you can make things happen with "magic" that could not happen in real life, so there is a freedom that is not possible in other, less-fantastical fiction.

You can give us some idea on the next book you will write?
Right now I am at work on a contemporary novel which is set in Venice. This book is the dearest to my heart as I have just come through the most difficult but also the most incredible five years of my life. During this period, I had to take time away from my writing, which I missed very much, because it is so much a part of who I am. I am very excited for this story because I believe that because of the time I took off, my writing has grown and shows a new depth of emotion. This story will only flourish as a result of that.

Can you give us some indication of possible publication of your books in Italy?
I have had three books published in Italy to date. L'OSPITE MISTERIOSA, DOLCE NELL, and L'EROE DELLE HIGHLANDS. They were all published by Mondadori. As I have written and published a number of books before and even after these ones in English, I would love to see them all published in Italy, of course. I have recently retained the rights to all my previously published books and my agent intends to offer them to foreign publishers in the near future. So I am very hopeful you will see more of my books in Italy.

One last thing, could you write a small dedication to all your Italian readers?
For Italian readers...(I wish I could write this in Italian myself, but I am still an early student of Italian and so I fear my effort would be filled with errors. Mi dispiace!) So I will write it in English and I ask you to translate it for me... Thank you all for your love and dedication to the stories that both myself and my fellow writers have created. We are so grateful to know that you have enjoyed our characters and we appreciate very much your letters and devotion. May you all have your "happily ever after." Baci e felice 2010!

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